We are dedicated to helping you obtain the information necessary to make an informed decision concerning your treatment or the treatment of a child. With all the comprehensive services below, we have removed all financial barriers that might prevent you from doing so. Once in treatment, you will find no hidden fees and a standard of excellence to meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Free Initial Exam – Includes all X-rays (panoramic, cephalometric and even 3-D if needed*) photos, exam and treatment recommendations. This 1-hour appointment is completely free and includes follow-up communication with your dentist outlining our diagnostic and treatment recommendations.
  • Free Recall Exams – If your child isn't ready for treatment, follow-up exams and radiographs maybe required until they are ready. With some children, we may observe and direct dental growth for several years – all completely free!
  • We will file and process your insurance claims for you. – Processing insurance claims can be a real headache. Not to worry. We will free you from the insurance nightmare and handle all claims and adjust your responsibility for treatment to the portion your insurance doesn't cover. All you need to do is keep us informed of any changes to your coverage while in treatment since this may affect what portion of the fee you are responsible for.
  • We won't nickel and dime you throughout treatment. – There are many ways to determine the cost of orthodontic treatment. Rather than quoting a low fee to entice you to receive treatment, then adding additional expenses as treatment progresses, our fee covers the complete treatment. Neglectful acts, such as a broken or lost retainer or late payments, will bring an additional fee.**
  • Initial retainer included in treatment – Additional replacement retainers are free for up to 1 year (as long as retainers are not lost or broken by neglect).
  • Free Invisalign® Scans – Not sure if you want Invisalign? Would you like to see what they can do before you commit? We will provide a free scan and consultation to show how your teeth will move with Invisalign to help you with your decision.
  • Free Second Opinions – We welcome all who are interested in orthodontic treatment, and whether you pursue orthodontic treatment with us or another orthodontist, we will be happy to advise you.
  • Free Emergency Visits – It can happen. A wire might be poking you after hours or on a weekend. By calling our emergency number, Dr. Alexander or a team member will help you resolve the problem until regular business hours or meet with you to correct the problem if necessary.
  • Free Mouthguards – patients with braces.
  • Free Retreatment – patients who have teeth relapse that is not the result of retainer negligence.

*Free radiographs are limited to potential orthodontic patients only. Patients who are referred for radiographs to assist their dentist in diagnostic or treatment planning will be charged for X-rays taken. X-rays are shared with dentists or non-orthodontic specialists without a fee.

**Fees for services by your dentist or other specialist to support your orthodontic treatment are to be arranged with their offices and aren't included in your orthodontic treatment fee.

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